James May om sin nya BMW i3: ”Elmotorer är fantastiska i bilar”

James May har hunnit med att göra ett helt nytt program för BBC – men inte om bilar, utan om att montera ihop prylar. I samband med lanseringen för det nördiga programmet har han också svarat på frågor på Reddit.

"Captain Slow" har sålt sin älskade Fiat Panda och ersatt den med en BMW i3. Han har ocskå en Porsche 911 Carrera S och en Ferrari 458 Speciale i garaget. Även hans Porsche 911 från 1984 är såld.

Här nedan har vi samlat ihop sex av svaren som James May bjöd på när Redditläsarna attackerade honom med frågor.

Bästa förstabilen

What would you recommend to buy as a first car?
"I think the Ferrari 488 GTB is rather excellent."

"Bilar kommer bli en hobby"

What is your vision of the automotive industry in 10, maybe 20 years? What areas will find innovation and what areas will stagnate?
"Everyone who has ever tried to answer this one has got it wrong. But, long-term, I think cars will become a hobby, and we'll find some other way of getting around."

Captain Slow har köpt elbil

I remember that you, just like me, were quite skeptical about electric cars a few years ago because of the poor battery technology. You believed more in hydrogen power or some sort of range extender. Now though, with the success of Tesla and all their advancements, have you changed your opinion on how "the car of the future" will/should be powered?
"I still like the hydrogen idea, but I can see that it's problematic. I have an electric car, a BMW i3. I think electric motors are great for cars, but electricity remains a bit elusive."

"Förbluffad att vi fortfarande får köra bil"

I know you have a pilots license, and have some, well, "unorthodox" experience with crossing the English Channel, and of course you have a wealth of automobile experience and time on trains from TG. What would you say is your preferred mode of travel? And do you prefer to drive yourself or be the passenger?
"I still like to drive myself. I still find driving amazing. I'm amazed we're allowed to do it."

Varken McLaren eller Porsche 918 duger

For you personally: LaFerrari, P1 or 918?

Vi får nog aldrig veta sanningen...

Were you ever The Stig, actually?
"Some say I was."

Håll dig uppdaterad med nyhetsbrevet!
Jag tycker James May är bäst i den gamla Top Gear-trion!