Festivaltips: någon har lust att åka iväg?
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    Festivaltips: någon har lust att åka iväg?

    Namn: Liquid & Solid 03
    Datum: 2003-06-26
    Arrangör: L&S
    Tid: 2003-06-26 ---> 2003-06-30
    Plats: At a lake, in a forest, somewhere in Serbia!
    Stad: Kragujevac
    Pris: It depends
    Ålder: ??


    - ALTOM [neurobiotic::liquid&solid] France
    - ANTIDOTE [solstice] France
    - DEEDRAH [hadshot] France
    - G.B.U. [solstice] UK/France
    - LOTS OF DOTZ [spontaneous aerobics::synaesthesia] Serbia
    - MAGNETIC [ketuh records] Serbia
    - MANIFEST [spontanious aerobics] Serbia
    - NOMAD [3d vision] France
    - ORION [solstice::liquid&solid::tip world] Denmark
    - S-RANGE [spiral trax] Sweden
    - SESTO SENTO [liquid&solid::compact] Israel
    - SILICON SOUND [moonspirits::liquid&solid] France
    - SPECTRUM [spectrum::liquid&solid] Israel
    - SYNTHETIC [solstice] France
    - WIZZY NOISE [candyflip::liquid&solid] Greece


    - AKI [species] Serbia
    - ANTARO [spirit zone] Germany
    - ANTHONY [s-range] Sweden
    - ANTI [spiral trax] Sweden
    - ALEXIS [altom] France
    - ARASH ATMAN [samothraki:ktava records] Greece
    - BISHOP [compact] Brasil
    - BUCA [xperiment::8digitno.] Serbia
    - DADO [deedrah::synthetic::g.b.u.]France
    - DANGER [procyon records] Hungary
    - DEDE [spectrum] Israel
    - DIMITRI [s.o.s.::g.b.u.] UK
    - I. MIKE [samothraki:ktava records] Greece
    - JEAN BORELLI [orion] Denmark
    - JEREMY [tsunami] Israel
    - JOHANNES [silicon sound] France
    - KOLE [liquid&solid::idp] Serbia
    - MARIOS [samothraki:ktava records::etnica.net] Greece
    - MARKO [alianated hosts] Macedonia
    - MATAN [sesto sento] Israel
    - MATT BOOM [boom records] Netherlands
    - MICKY [wizzy noise] Greece
    - MIKE [samothraki:ktava records] Greece
    - NAYA [psychedelic radio] France
    - PETER DIJITAL [mpdqx] Sweden
    - ROOPAK [procyon records] India
    - SERGE [antidote::g.b.u.] France
    - STOMAS [liquid&solid::idp] Serbia
    - TAMIR OZANA [spectrum::s.o.s.] Israel
    - THOMAS [altom] France
    - URIEL [wizzy noise] Greece
    - VLADA [intellect::etnica.net] Serbia


    Location: The festival area is easily accessible where in the very center
    of Serbia lies Kragujevac, and near the city stretches Shumarice, the
    memorial park. This whole region around is known as Shumadia
    (meaning Forestland), but there are not many trees left. The forest that existed
    for a long period has been converted into memorial park. Festival area stretches
    from the edge of the wood to the shore of Lake Shumarice.

    Tickets: We suggest you to buy or reserve tickets on time since there is a
    limited amount available. Due to low economical situation we tried to keep
    reasonable prices for local customers (Serbia) but not too high ones for
    customers from abroad. There are three types of ticket prices:

    -Serbia and Macedonia: MAY::25 eu / JUNE::35 eu
    -Eastern European countries and Greece: MAY::35 eu / JUNE::45 eu
    -Western European countries and rest of the world: MAY::45 eu / JUNE::60 eu
    note: there will
    be tickets available on the festival itself under the price noted at the
    festival opening

    Facilities: 90 hours of NON-STOP psychedelic
    two independent stages
    -stage no. 1:
    full power 100 kw ElectroVoice PA system
    large open dance area with a view at the lakeside
    -stage no. 2:
    10 kw of martin sound system
    dance area by the lake
    swimming available
    total support of fluodelic decorations, 3d visuals and large back projection screens
    fire jiggers and other festival related performances
    market and chaishops
    large camping area
    drinks and refreshments bars
    ordinary and vegetarian food available
    medical cover
    toilets and showers
    camping area in woods

    Art support:
    All the psychoactive music on the festival will be supported by visual art from:
    VJ Rey-V [Phonokol, Israel]
    afa [Macedonia]
    nos [mpdqx, Sweden]
    lands [Serbia]

    More info: http://www.liquidandsolid.com
    XBL: Kitty LOVE Pink
    Som man raggar får man ligga
    Celebrity Devotion

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    home sweet home åker ner på fredag

    EXIT Fest
    Date:03-06. July 2003
    Place: Petrovaradinska tvrdjava (Novi Sad)
    Music: techno, trance, house, d’n’b, rock, hip-hop, world music. . .
    Number of stages: 10
    Program: every day from 16h
    Camping place with toilets.
    Camping fee: 650 din (~10 eu)

    Line up: Moloko, Tricky, Apocaliptica, Jeff Mills, Pete Tong, Slam Djs, DJ Marky, Lottie . . .see party calendar

    Ticket stuff:

    For all days: 1390din (~21.22 eu)
    Two day tickets: 790 din (~12 eu)
    One day ticket: 490 i 590* din (~7.5 eu)

    For all days: 1690din (~28.5 eu)
    Two day tickets: 990 din (~15 eu)
    One day ticket: 590 i 690* din (~9 eu)

    on door
    For all days: 1990din (~30 eu)
    Two day tickets: 1190 din (~18 eu)
    One day ticket: 690 i 790* din (~11 eu)

    Web: EXIT Adventure: EXIT Festival, Srbija, 10 - 13. jul 2014. / SEA DANCE Festival, Crna Gora, 15 - 17. jul 2014.
    ///AMG POWER

    Jag drömmer om en SL55 AMG men nöjer mig med en ny CLK

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